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January 10 1938

Elwood married Mary Lou Stiglitz August 1960

They had 4 children:

1.Randall Elwood who married Crystal Shreckengost and have 2 children, Hannah Kathryn and Emma Grace

2.Jeffery Lee who married Melissa Lee Bowser and had 2 children, Lindsey Lee, and Abigail Lee

3.Mark Alan who married Eileen Mary Rodgers and they had 2 children, Nora Aaran and Brennan Alan

4.Lisa Ann who married David Henry Fitschen and have 2 children, Walter Henry, Maren Elizabeth,

July 1973


July 2000

From left to right. Mark's children Nora is holding Kerry and Brennen is second boy in the back. the next little girl is Lisa's daughter and her son is the first boy in the back. The children's names are Maren and Walter. The next two girls are Randy's children ,Emma and Hannah. The last two girls are Jeff's children Lindsey and Abby.